Easy Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe

Vanilla Cupcakes

Whenever my children have a craving for something with chocolate, there is always one sweet, little five year old who shouts, "Vanilla!"  It doesn't matter if it's vanilla cupcakes or vanilla cake, as long as they are accompanied by vanilla icing of course. I think the sweetest part is hearing an excited little voice say, "Bah-lilla puh-cakes with … [Read More...]

Chewy Homemade Granola Bars – Better Than The Box

Chewy Homemade Granola Bars

Chewy homemade granola bars are a family favorite in our house. We just celebrated my husband's birthday where he requested granola bars instead of a traditional-style birthday cake. I made seven batches of these tasty, no-bake chewy homemade granola bars. My goal was to stockpile them and put them in the freezer for a later date. That didn't … [Read More...]

Make Ahead Freezer Meals – Getting Started

make ahead freezer meals

Make ahead freezer meals (also called once a month cooking, freezer cooking or freezer meals) is a great way to save time and money by making meals ahead of time to stock in your freezer for those rushed, busy days when there is simply not enough time to cook. Having healthy prepared meals on hand also reduce the temptation to pick up costly, … [Read More...]

Make Ahead Freezer Meals – Introduction

make ahead freezer meals

A few years back, my husband and I visited a new business in our local area that featured make ahead freezer meals. This neat little concept, which could be incorporated as a date night either alone or with a group of friends, turned out to be a venture we thoroughly enjoyed. Each month, the company would debut a new menu of delicious, healthy and … [Read More...]

How To Save $50 A Month On The Food Budget By Making These 3 Things From Scratch

Saving money on food budget

How often do you go to the grocery store for one or two small things and afterwards walk out looking at your receipt thinking, "Did it really just cost that much money?" A quick trip to the grocery store for a couple packs of rolls to serve with dinner seems innocent enough. That is, until you realize you just paid eight bucks for some bread...to … [Read More...]

How To Make Meatballs


Just because our team didn't make it to the Super Bowl this year, doesn't mean we do not like to celebrate the festivities and enjoy some delicious tail-gaiting food! BBQ and marinara meatballs are popular appetizers that we bring to get togethers. In the past, we would just buy a few bags of them at the grocery store, place them in the crockpot … [Read More...]