Easy Homemade Dinner Rolls

Light, fluffy, easy homemade dinner rolls on the table in less than 60 minutes.


Bread. Soft, fluffy, yeast bread with melted Kerrygold butter and a dash of salt.


Bread heaven.


As a family of six, we would go through a pack or two at a time with our favorite Mrs. Shuberts dinner rolls. They came eight to a pack, and our family could easily go through two packs in one meal. However, at $4 per pack, it’s easy to see how this was one of the first items to trim off the top when it came to our high monthly food budget.

As far as taste, there is no comparison, I repeat, no comparison to the taste, quality and texture and of a hot, made from scratch yeast dinner roll drizzled with butter fresh from the oven and straight to your dinner plate. When you take the first bite, your palette feels like it just went on a dreamy, get away vacation. The combination of textures – flakey bread, the smooth taste of butter combined with just a touch of graininess from the salt, makes for a mouth watering dinner roll that would make your grandmother’s grandmother cry.

This is probably one of the easiest creations I have made from scratch. Simple ingredients, basic kitchen tools and clean up was a cinch.

Homemade dinner rolls taste better than any store bought brand because they are made fresh from scratch and to the table in 60 minutes or less. They are also budget friendly, saving you a ton of money when you make them yourself.

They also serve as a great filler when feeding lots of hungry, bottomless stomachs at meal time. (AKA my kids.)

It’s a win-win.


 Homemade Dinner Rolls Are Versatile 

We love these homemade dinner rolls so much, we played around and created some easy and simple variations to make them the perfect universal bread.

  • Cinnamon Rolls  Add butter, sugar and cinnamon to the top of these and turn them into a delicious breakfast treat. Add a sugar glaze if you would like to turn them into full on cinnamon rolls.
  • Pretzel Rolls  Beat one egg in a bowl and brush on top of the cooked dinner rolls. Add a dash of coarse salt and bake in the oven for 5-10 minutes. Makes the best yeast pretzel rolls.
  • Buns, Buns, and More Buns!  Slice in half and use these rolls for pulled pork barbeque sandwiches, use as hamburger buns or to make fresh deli sandwiches.
  • Breakfast Biscuits  These homemade dinner rolls go great with bacon and eggs.
  • Use In Place Of Pasta  If you are trying to cut down on pasta, try dipping these homemade dinner rolls into a thick, meat sauce. The combination is simply delicious.

Special Tips

  1. Make these a head of time for future meals by cooking these on a weekend when you are not rushed for time. They freeze well.
  2. Make a double or triple batch to reduce clean up and to save time.
  3. Place your homemade dinner rolls in a freezer bag and store them conveniently in your freezer. Simply pull how many you want or need at any time and heat them up when ever you want them. They taste just as great as when they come fresh out of the oven.

Price Comparison

I love this part! Remember, for a family of six, we use two packs of dinner rolls for one meal. The cost of dinner rolls we purchase from the grocery store are $3.99 per pack. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of ingredients used to make these dinner rolls from scratch and then we can compare the two. Keep in mind prices vary by region, so your cost for supplies may be a little more or less than what I pay in my region.

Cost of Ingredients
  • 4-5 cups flour –  A 5 lb. bag of flour is .99 cents.  (5 cups is .27 cents)
  • 1/3 cup of sugar – A 5 lb. bag of sugar is $1.99. (.06 cents)
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons of yeast – $4.39 for 2 lbs  (.07 cents)
  • 1 teaspoon of salt – .098 for 4 lbs.  (less than .01 cent)
  • 1 cup of milk –  Gallon of milk is $2.79. (.17 cents)
  • 1/2 cup of water – (less than .01 cent)
  • 1/4 cup of butter – A pound of butter is $1.82.  (.23 cents)

Ingredients cost $.81 cents. However, this recipe makes approximately 22-24 medium/large rolls. There was more than enough to serve half the rolls with dinner and freeze the other half for a future meal. Therefore, total cost of ingredients is .41 cents.

Store Bought Version 
Ms. Schuburts Dinner Rolls – two packs $7.98 (For my family of six, we use two packs per meal at 8 rolls per pk.)

Homemade Dinner Rolls 
.41 cents


Money Saved

Monthly/Yearly Scenario 
If you have dinner rolls at least twice a month, you would save $15.14 or $181.68 per year.

*This price comparison is for estimate purposes only. Your costs may vary depending on family size, nutritional needs, regional pricing, and so on.  

Note – The cost comparison does not include greasing the pan, the electricity to run the oven, etc. For me, these costs are minimal and I feel they are compensated by the gas I am saving not driving to the store to pick up pre-made dinner rolls.

Final Thoughts 

By using basic cooking ingredients and simple kitchen tools, I was able to create the most delicious, mouth watering homemade dinner rolls from scratch. I saved over 94% by making them myself. Clean up was easy. From start to finish, they took less than 60 minutes to make. My family absolutely loved them and without added preservatives, artificial ingredients, added sugar, fat, or salt, they are healthier, too. Homemade dinner rolls are a cost effective and tasty way to save money on food.

Did you give this recipe a try?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!